April 16, 2014


I'm feeling down... Wished I had something nice to share but there isn't.

School is screwed up. At times I really regret quitting my cushy job to pursue this dream but on better days, it wasn't that bad. I was doing quite well in school the first half of last year and then I got complacent and started to slack.

Re-taking modules suck simply because it's a waste of time and money. Yet I'm not spending enough time studying and gives up when I don't have enough time to complete my assignments. Why am I having such a hard time completing this degree? Is it the modules? Is it the major? I'm currently working part-time and have lesser time to study but it's not like a lot less or anything. Sigh~ If people can handle a full-time job and their studies, why is it so bloody difficult for me?

I'm not enjoying school at all and my mind shuts down when I attend lecture or try to to study. I want to talk to student services about my studying woes but will they look down on me? Another question that popped into my mind is are they even able to help me.

December 6, 2013

Luxola Cyber Monday Haul

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are slowly but surely catching up in cyberspace Singapore. More local online retailers are offering discounts during this period which is awesome for online fanatics like yours truly.

Prices are comparable since you don't have to pay extra for shipping. I just had two bad experiences in a row with Vpost and enough is enough. There's only so much one can take before they lose trust. Le sigh~ Leaving this rant for another time because I have something nicer to share.

So yes, the sales are great and it's even better when you don't have to wait too long to receive your loot. I found a 35% discount coupon for Luxola and indulged in some beauty shopping. With free next day delivery, there's hardly any wait :)

Don't fret if you've missed out on the sale because I have a 20% discount coupon to share at the end of this post!

Luxola Cyber Monday Haul

November 29, 2013

NOTW: China Glaze x Nameko nail stickers

Been a few months since I painted my nails and I finally did it two days ago! My hand was shaking as I paint, trying very hard to not paint the whole fingertip instead. Heh heh... It was fun and I found moments of focus quite therapeutic.

Turned out better than expected and am glad I didn't have to redo or give up on the idea :)

with flash

without flash

November 2, 2013

Starbucks SG 2013 Xmas collection

Wow wow wee! Happy November!

Can't believe the year will be over in two months... 2013 hasn't been great for me. Already wishing for better times. Eeps!

Anyway, Starbucks has released their Christmas merchandise. If you're a fan like moi, go check them out and grab whatever tickles your fancy before they disappear.

Starbucks SG 2013 Xmas collection

October 22, 2013

Get well soon

ROAR!! Why am I up at 2am?

Was feeling exhausted and about to fall asleep an hour ago. But for some weird reason, I'm wide awake now. Le sigh~ Tried going back to sleep a few times but it's clearly not happening :(

Maybe there's something I need to do or my aching right shoulder was paining because I slept on it? Don't know but ah well... Since I'm up now, might as well finish this entry I started last week.

After Chan and I got married two years ago, wanted him to move in with me at my parents' till we get our place. I was quite upset by his reluctance and have since given up trying to force convince him into it. Little did I know that building a live together in the confines of my bedroom is so damn difficult and requires a lot of compromises that I'm not prepared for.

You know how people say be careful what you wish for? Yup...