November 11, 2014

styleXstyle The Little Black Beauty Box - 2nd Anniversary Edition

Happy 2nd anniversary, styleXstyle! Please continue to inject style and fashion into this little red dot and hopefully, we'll see a more diverse range of style on your website by including people of different ethnicity and size. 

I, unfortunately, found nothing on the site for plus-size women like me but that's not today's focus.

To celebrate this special occasion, styleXstyle released two November Little Black Beauty Box (LBBB), one for her and one for him. I wonder if there will be three boxes next year and four the year after. Haha! Got both to see what's inside and there's a sweet 20% off for ordering any two anniversary LBBB.

This is also my first beauty sample box for men, which I will give wholly or partially to my husband because there are some good stuff inside. I am also pleased to find a few items in the ladies box that I will use :)

Check out my unboxing video and/or read on for the content in both boxes!

November 10, 2014

Onegin by Stuttgart Ballet

Before this year, I've never heard of Stuttgart Ballet or Onegin which made me realize how little I know about the ballet world. Eeps!!

But you know what? It's never too late to learn new stuff and make great discoveries. The performance was superb and I absolutely love it.

Onegin by Stuttgart Ballet

November 7, 2014

The Nom Box - October & November 2014

Another box, really? Yes... And more to come in the coming weeks BUT this is different, I swear! It's not going to pile up and collect dust in one corner because it's a foodie box!

Well, desserts to be exact and isn't it exciting? Each box contains 4-5 desserts or snacks from carefully curated cafes. Mmm...

The Nom Box - October & November 2014

October 6, 2014

styleXstyle The Little Black Beauty Box - July & August 2014

More beauty boxes?? My curiosity got the best of me and ended up purchasing two (eeps!) The Little Black Beauty Box from style X style. I love the mystery factor and receiving stuff in the mail but beauty sample boxes are just not practical to me.

Le sigh~ Somehow still managed to convince myself to give it a chance. Resistance fail... I blame their persistent advertising, almost in every issue of 8 Days and sometimes on TV too!

September 9, 2014

J-List Japanese Snack Subscription - June & July 2014

Hola! How's everyone? I've kinda, sort of revived my interest for subscription services and hopefully in a more practical way this time round. I was subscribed to Bellabox, a local beauty sample service, for more than a year before cancelling as things were just piling up.

The idea of receiving something mysterious in the mail is rather fun but you're not going to love everything. So it's nice seeing more services with flexible subscription plans or none at all. You simply buy what interests you, like Memebox.

Anyway, what really piqued my interest was this Japanese snacks subscription (affiliate link) I saw on my Facebook news feed one day. I was actually more interested in the non-snack Sailor Moon items my friend received but you can't go wrong with snacks, right?