October 6, 2014

style X style The Little Black Beauty Box - July & August 2014

More beauty boxes?? My curiosity got the best of me and ended up purchasing two (eeps!) The Little Black Beauty Box from style X style. I love the mystery factor and receiving stuff in the mail but beauty sample boxes are just not practical to me.

Le sigh~ Somehow still managed to convince myself to give it a chance. Resistance fail... I blame their persistent advertising, almost in every issue of 8 Days and sometimes on TV too!

September 9, 2014

J-List Japanese Snack Subscription - June & July 2014

Hola! How's everyone? I've kinda, sort of revived my interest for subscription services and hopefully in a more practical way this time round. I was subscribed to Bellabox, a local beauty sample service, for more than a year before cancelling as things were just piling up.

The idea of receiving something mysterious in the mail is rather fun but you're not going to love everything. So it's nice seeing more services with flexible subscription plans or none at all. You simply buy what interests you, like Memebox.

Anyway, what really piqued my interest was this Japanese snacks subscription (affiliate link) I saw on my Facebook news feed one day. I was actually more interested in the non-snack Sailor Moon items my friend received but you can't go wrong with snacks, right?

August 25, 2014

It's a wrap!

Heya all, hope everyone is well and bouncing around in good health. I've not quite recovered from last week's cold but it's a lot getting better! Just problems with excess phlegm and the occasional runny nose.

To help boost my immune system, I'm gonna try to eat better with "try" being the keyword here because I'm a fast food junkie. Burger over a pack of za cai fan (mixed veg rice or economy rice) anytime BUT I do try to make my fast food meals a teeny bit healthier like opting for corn cup instead of fries or buy ala carte.

Do you remember this?

It's a wrap!

August 14, 2014

Luxola and Watsons beauty haul

It's no fun being sick! One of my nostril is runny while the other is blocked. So tempted to just chop my nose off. My head's also pounding like mad from excessive sneezing and nose-blowing. To make matters worse, I just recovered from a cold like what? A month or two ago? Grr!!

Either my immune system is getting shittier with age or viruses nowadays are getting too damn strong. Really sad that I have to skip dance class because of this too. Le sigh~ Better days ahead, better days ahead.

Now, let's just focus on something more positive like SHOPPING!!

July 31, 2014

Dinner at Westgate's Tsukada Nojo

What's up with restaurants that refuse to serve until everyone in the group is present?! I mean, come on... Some of the places my younger sister and I tried didn't even have a queue! Almost died of frustrated while looking for a place to feed our village of nine.

We settled for Tsukada Nojo after the whole village is present and by the time we were seated (separately), it was almost 9pm. Le sigh~ Being hungry and frustrated at the same time really sucked but thankfully, food was good and I finally got to try their popular beauty hot pot that's said to be rich in collagen.

The hot pot costs $25 per pax and there's a minimum order for two which I think is kinda pricey for couples. There's enough to eat from the hot pot set but you really want to save space for the equally delicious sides.

Dinner at Westgate's Tsukada Nojo